Terms and Conditions

We've tried to keep our Terms and Conditions as clear as possible, and give you all the information we can (but not too much) about your online transactions so that you completely understand the whole process, from order to delivery and beyond.  It’s really important to us that your online shopping experience meets expectations, so please spend a few minutes and read on. You’ll need to accept our T’s & C’s every time you make a purchase – they might change from time to time, so do check the date at the top of the page.


Please note that different terms (including prices, charges for services, availability, delivery times and returns policies) apply to purchases made in one of our stores.

All of our quoted prices are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate, however adjustments will have to be made to comply with any changes in rates or other legally imposed changes in respect of VAT. 

Payment is made in full at the time of purchase online. No orders will be fully completed and dispatched until full payment has been received for the goods. 

We accept all major credit cards at mueblesuk.com, in the case that you are unable to use your card or are having difficulty processing your payment please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you through the problem. 

Product Information Enquiry: info@mueblesuk.com

All goods supplied to you shop.muebles-uk.co.uk remain our property until full payment has been received and has cleared through our banking system. In the event of you being in default of payment goods will not be processed or delivered. 

Delivery will be arrange within our normal delivery areas on designated days. Requests for specially timed deliveries may be possible, but will be subject to an extra charge. Delivery of goods will be deemed to have taken place when goods are taken from our vehicle at your delivery address. Whilst we always exercise great care and consideration whilst on you property we cannot, under any circumstances accept liability for any occurrences that may take place thereon. 

You must inspect all goods on delivery and advise us on any shortage or damage. Should this be impractical because of the packaging, etc., written notification must be sent within 3 days of delivery, time being of the essence. 

If access to the property is not possible, if required and at your own risk and at extra cost, alternative arrangements such as dispatching, the use of hoists, lifting tackle or alterations to the goods or property may be possible. On request we shall endeavour to place the goods in the desired room providing there is reasonable access. 

All dates quoted at the time of sale are made in good faith an are not legally binding and whilst we always make every effort to honour them, it must be recognised that they are estimates only and consequently we cannot accept any liability or damage claims resulting from overdue deliveries. 

You are reminded that all orders placed with us from part of a legally binding contract. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. Cancellation of goods sold from stock can only be cancelled same day as purchase date. 

Whilst every effort will be made to match colours and finishes, all natural and many synthetic colours and finishes can only be supplied on the understanding that there is always possibility of variation. 

It is very important to ensure that the house humidity is kept at a constant level between 40% and 60% as this will prevent your wooden furniture from cracking or warping as well as preventing any doors or drawers from sticking. A correct humidity is essential for maintaining your wooden furniture. House humidity can be measured with a hygrometer. The humidity can be kept constant by placing water trays on your radiators or through the use of a humidifier. Alongside humidity, a constant room temperature is equally as important. The ideal temperature during the day is 21 degrees Celsius and at night no less than 14 degrees Celsius. 

Muebles UK is delivered by XDP Homedrop who offer professional, service-orientated, logistics, warehousing and home-delivery solution to the furniture industry. Multidrop’s client base ranges from large international furniture suppliers and manufacturers, to prominent retail chains, High Street outlets and small independent stores. Multidrop services are designed to meet individual requirements and to enhance the end-user experience. Muebles UK and XDP work in partnership to continually develop and improve efficiencies, reduce costs, ensure service standards, and complement each others reputation.

Delivery Time for products bought from belgicafurniture.com have a goods delivery time of between 7-14 days. In some cases this delivery time may be longer if the product is being manufactured to individual customer specifications. We will call you when your product arrives and arrange a suitable delivery date and time for the product to be delivered. Please see product specific descriptions for details of these products and if this delivery options applies. 

Cost for delivery is £29 for each order placed (there is no limit to the number of items placed within one order).  

Additional delivery charges will be applied when:

  • A delivery date and time set between belgicafurniture.com and the customer and the customer fails to attend to accept the delivery of the goods. 
  • When the customer does not notify Mueblesuk.com delivery service that there are adverse circumstances, which could affect the delivery of a product. For example the lift in the building is not in operation. 
  • If a customer chooses to return an item within the 7 days refund window and shop.muebles-uk.co.uk advise they will be unable to resell the product a charge may be deducted from the customers refund. To accommodate this cost. 

In any of theses circumstance shop.muebles-uk.co.uk reserve the right to charge an additional delivery charge in order to rectify the situation and ensure delivery. This also ensures that the goods, which the customer ordered, are in the best condition and have not been damaged in previous delivery attempts and so at the time of final delivery the goods are in ideal condition. 

Please note that when purchasing a product, which has a number of different product options, the price may change depending on the product options, which you have chosen. 

Muebles UK hold the right to cancel and refund the customer on any order placed if it is established at time of order that there is a pricing error on the website.


If you are not happy with your goods and would like to return them, simply contact us within 7 days of delivery and we will arrange a suitable collection. In the case that you do wish to return an item you have purchased please note that there may be a charge deducted from you refund, if we think we are unable to resell the product to another customer. 

If you are not fully happy with the product on delivery or you believe the product to be faulty please notify us via Email to info@mueblesuk.com with pictures of the faulty item. At this point we will determine whether the product is faulty and should be replaced or a replacement part is required. .  Please note that all products are checked before leaving the warehouse therefore the scope for fault is slim. 

New customers wishing to make a purchase or receive newsletter information are required to register with the site by entering some details which will allow you to place orders and receive newsletters from mueblesuk.com regarding special offers and sales which are up and coming, so you don’t miss out. 

After you have registered and you wish to purchase a product from the store you must login using your email address and password, which you assigned at the time of registration. This will allow you access to your account where you can update details and make purchases. If you have forgotten you password an email reminder will be sent to the email address registered with the account.

To simply browse the store you do not have to login to your account. Please note that all information is confidential and will not be passed to any outside parties. 

Existing Customers will use their username and password to login details to access their account, change or update details and make purchases. If you have forgotten your password an email reminder will be sent to the email address registered with the account. 

Due to the shortage of certain new raw materials some products supplied by the Company could differ slightly in actual construction from the goods shown in sample or pattern form. The Company state any changes that are made will result in a performance of an equally high or improved standard. The quality coding will remain the same and the quality guarantee will continue to apply.